Make a connection!

We have been working on making connections to literature in class recently. We have discussed text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world connections.  Please share one of your connections on the blog.  Be sure to include your book title, a brief description of the connection you made, and how it helped you understand the novel better.

And the good news is that this will take the place of your reading log grade for the week!



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38 responses to “Make a connection!

  1. vegetarian90210(or) core2

    One of the connections I have made to my book is text within text.
    I put this connection on my reading log but I am going to put it on here as well.
    The book I am doing my text within text connection is with Dough Boy.
    The conection is when Marco (dough boys ex-best friend) and Kelly (future step sister and marcos girlfriend) left him at the cross country skiing place. The connection is that one time they had left him before at home while they went on a late night joy ride, which Marco was not supposed to drive after dark, so he got in ALOT of trouble. They had left him twice and this made Dough Boys mother very angry. So, she was angry both times (that is one connection) and they left him twice (another connection).
    By the way Mrs. Shook, I LOVE the picture! very “official” looking. haha (: see you monday! and have a nice weekend.

    • K.S! A.K.A. BeastlyPwnageeee(Core 3)

      Okay, so I’m doing this reallllllyyy late, but whatever…
      My book that im relating to is the first Cirque du Freak books(Text to Self)
      In Cirque du Freak: The Vampires Assistant the main character Darren makes a major sacrifice for his friend by becoming a vampires assistant (half vampire)… I havent necessarily taken sacrifices with risks this big, but I have and/or would have take(n) sacrifices with risks for my friends and family (as im sure most people have and/or do)
      -Kody Sobiesienski

  2. K.D. (Core 3) awesomeo!!!

    Text to world!
    In the book the outsiders there are two different “gangs”. In the world there are two also. They are rich and poor.

  3. TC(Core 2)

    BLACKBEARD and Other Pirates of the Atlantic Coast
    Text To World
    When pirate captains run away from a battle they are in they are called a coward and there job as captain of that ship is tooken away. This is like when a a person in the police backs away from a chance to catch a criminal they lose there job. This helped me understand why so many pirate captains were deserted on islands in the ocean.

  4. S.M Core 1

    Anybody that draws this sword shall be the holyist knight the world has ever seen Said the lady of the lake. Balan drew the sword from the sheath and the lady of the lake warned him not to use that sword. If he used it he would kill his brother and the person he loved the most. Text to Self . I’ve been in a position where i won something but i couldn’t use it. It helped understand more about the character Balan. He took the sword even though he was warned that he would kill two people. He was a power hungry person. (O_O) (-_-) (T_T)

  5. t.h.(CORE 1))

    OK so im reading the lost hero. In the book he has to save the world. but he cant rember any thing. one time after by birth bay. i had so many energy drinks that when i woke up i couldent rember any thing about the night befor.

  6. D.S. (core 2)

    This week I have made the connection with the book “The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal.” My connection was text-to-self, my connection was that Jim Qwilleran has two cats, one male and one female. I also have two cats, one male and one female. :p

  7. TexasLonghornsfan4ever (ELaR) core 3

    My book is Danger after dark. My connection is text to self. When the girls went into the winston place they were nervous and afraid. If I went into a place that I had never been to before a would be afraid and nervous too. It helped me understand the novel more because, I can see how scared they were on the way there and once they were in the winston place.

  8. PZ(core2)

    I am reading Smiles to Go writen by Jerry Spinelli. A conection I made was a text-to-self when Will was about to skateboard down dead man’s hill but decided not to do it. I always think about things last minute. This conection helped me understand the novel better because I could relate to this.

  9. MadSkittles(m.p core. 2)

    I am reading the first book in the Cirque Du Freak series. In the beginning(which is where I’m at) these 4 kids want to go to a freak show. Tickets are $23 each so being sneaky Steve steals the money for him and his 3 friends from his moms money jar. my sister had a pack of my favorite kind of gum in her room and I went in and took it. 😛
    This helps me better understand the kids in the story, it shows that they will do whatever it takes to get what they want and that they really want to see the freak show.

  10. S.K. (core 1)

    I am reading Runaway by Meg Cabot. It is about two girls that had their brains switched because one of them was going to blackmail a millonaire. The millonaire’s son was “in love” with her though. The millonaire thought that she was killed but the millonaires son really just did a surgy. The girl that was going to blackmail the millonaire was also a model. Now the girl (Em) that her brain was switched with just wants to “runaway” from everything. She left her friends and family, her life behind to switch bodies with a super modle’s life.
    The connection that I have with this book is a text to text. It reminds me of the Gallagher series by Ally Carter. The connection is that they both have a very big secret that nobody knows about but a selection of people. The Gallagher series is about a school for spies, but nobody knows that they are spies. Like nobody knows that they switched bodies.

  11. C. Co. (Core 1)

    I read The Mystery of the Singing Ghost. The kids were with their cousins who were looking at a house to buy. The connection I made is text-to-self. I had to go with my parents to look at houses when we moved here.

  12. L.T. (core 2)

    I am reading legacy of lies by Elizabeth Chandler. In this book megan doesnt get along with her cousin an argues with him alot. My connection is Text-To-Self because, I know what its like to not get along with a family member and argue with them alot.

  13. rainbowvanillafanatic pr (core2)

    I’m reading the Harry Potter series, and I am on the fifth one, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. My connection is text within text. Rita Skeeter, a nasty reporter who changes all you say into something completely different, was in the previous books and now she is back from being a beetle after Hermoine had simply forced Rita, when she was in beetle formation, into a jar and kept her there because of all her nonsense writing of Harry and all of there close friends. Surprisingly Hermoine brought Rita back and yet again she is trying to right horrible stories but is now more catious.

  14. t.l. core 1

    im reading a book called Tough to Tackle my connection made to this book is that this kid wants to play quaterback not tackle. For me it is that i didnt want to play the midfield in soccer but i had to because thats were coach put me.

  15. A.H (core 1)

    I’m reading a book called Last Song. The connection I made is Text-to-World. A boy who lived here his whole life is stating that he has seen the beach change so much, enviromentaly and politicaly. This relates to the world becauseit is changing so much these days. It helped me understand the book because it gave me a mental picture of what he was talking about.

  16. D.M. (core 1)

    Text to self
    I am reading the book Brian’s winter and he has to survive in the cold and i have had to do that so i understand what he is going through.

  17. E.A

    I am reading the book called the river and it is about a boy named brian and he is going to live in the woods agian but this time he will be with some one . brian will be getting a lot of money and saving peoples lives

  18. J.H(core 3)

    I am reading diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth and i know its is kind of easy for 7th graders but i can make many connections with the book. its about a kid who is struggling with the fact that he is almost in high school so he has to make the best of times before hes gets into high school.

  19. pr:)

    i ma reading Heart to Heart which is about a teenageer ssying in a car accident and she chooses to dontate her heart since she is dying. My connection will be a text to world because we will all havae a friend or close person to us die. It has happened many times before in life. We all know that it will happen sometime in life and thats how it is a text to word.

  20. I.S. (Core 2)

    My connection is from the book Eleventh Grade Burns. My connection is text to text, Vladimir is a vampire which reminds me of Twilight.

  21. sinister sk8ter(cn)core 3

    in book origomi yoda these kids beleve in a paper yoda and the think its always right so they listen to it at all times.
    some people in the world belive in puppets and gods and they listen to them all the time 2

  22. M.N.

    I am reading a book called when the wind blows by James Patterson. In my book, Max is looking for her brother, Tim, who she thinks has been captured and locked away back at the school. I can relate to this because i was once with my 3 year old nephew playing basketball at the park and I couldn’t find him and I was scared for him and didn’t know where he was. I thought he had been abducted but thankfully I found him on the nature trail, not far back.

  23. C.H.

    the book I am reading is Maximum Ride and in the story where the “flock” is on the run and they cant trust anyone one but themselves and it reminds me of this one year on St. Patricks Day when I did not where green and I thought i could get pinched at any second

  24. J.E. (Core 1)

    I have recently finished reading The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff.
    Mackie is not one of us. Though he lives in the small town of Gentry, he comes from a world of tunnels and black murky water, a world of living dead girls ruled by a little tattooed princess.He is a Replacement- left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago. Now, because of fatal allergies to iron, blood, and consecrated ground. Mackie is slowly dying in the human world. Mackie would give anything to live among us. He just wants to play bass guitar and find out more about an oddly intriguing girl named Tate. But when Tate’s baby sister goes missing, Mackie is drawn irrevocably into the underworld of Gentry, known as Mayhem. He must face the dark creatures of the slag heaps and find his rightful place, in our world, or theirs. (This is what the book is about)
    Connection: Text: to: self. In this book Mackie and his sister Emma go out onto the the roof of their house to talk and relax. It reminds me of the time me and my sister went on the roof with my sister to watch fireworks and it was really fun. 🙂

  25. T.b. (core 3)

    Text To World………..
    The book that i am reading is called “The Sea Of Monsters.” My connection would have to be the part that said actually they call me black beard and he runs to get his revenge on C.C. this would be text to world because i have seen movies about black beared and it said that they used to call him something other then black beard, and i have seen what he looks like. this helps me understand this part of the book because i know who it is and i have seen him so i can visualy see black beard running after C.C.

  26. Tori B C3

    I’m reading “Sealed with a Diss” and I can make a text-to-self connection because in the book the main character is invited to a costume party. I have also been to a costume party.

  27. Mr. MACdonalds (c.c.)core2

    I am reading Hunger Games.
    It is good.
    The connection is text to world.
    In the book Katnis has to hunt for her food.
    The surviver man does this to.
    It tells me its not easy to be a tribute in the Hunger Games.

  28. A.C.(core1)HI!!!!!

    In my book a girl named Calwyn is trying to save many chanter children for a dark palace. She finds one on the roof, that was hungry and was very dirty. My connection was that i have been very dirty from working outside all day, and hungry, because i didn’t have anything to eat that day.

  29. Hayley "Whattheheck" Peck (core3)

    The book I’m reading is the Cirque Du Freak series.(Tunnels of Blood) I just got it so I do not know a lot about it. But i do know that darren and evra went hunting for the “little people”. I can make a text to text connection. It was when Darren went hunting for himself. This helps me understand the book better because now I know that Darren not only has to hunt..he wants to(:

    -Hayley “Whattheheck” Peck

  30. S.T.C. Core1

    Right now I am reading one of the most exciting books ever. It is called Eldest and the author is Christopher Paolini. This is the second book of the inheritance triology. Right now n the book I am at a part were the Main character named Eragon is in the elven capital called Ellesmera. Every day for an hour he is suppose to train with his sword. Vanir is his trainer and is excellent with a sword by far. During these sparring match Vanir trys to anger Eragon because the are practically rivals. During this certain time that Vanir angers Eragon, Eragon unleashes some magic holding Vanir in place. Then without hesitation Vanir breaks out some how. My connection is text to self. Excerpt from the book on page 394. Eragons temper brook then,m and he reached deep within himself and into the torrent of magic. He released the pent-up energy with one of the twelve minor wprds of binding, crying “Malthinae!” to chain Vanir’s arms and legs in place and holdhis jaw shut so that he could not utter a counter spell. The elf’s eyes bulged with outrage. Eragon said, “And you should not boast to one who is more skilled in magic than you.” Now the connection that I made here with myself and the book was that when people say something they shouldn’t directed at me harmfully and boastfully, I to take power from deep within myselfto comeback and give them what they deserve for making me angry. This connection has helped me understand how Eragon felt when Vanir directed something to him harmfully.

  31. MJ (Core 1-2)

    I am currently reading the book Dark Secrets 1 where a girl named Megan has strange dreams about the past… or is it the future? So many of her questions are unanswered and she wont stop until she finds the answers to all of the. She is visiting her sort-of-grandma (she adopted) and her cousin Matt. Even after the first day, her relatives still dont like her one bit.

    I some times have dreams about the future and dont even know it… but it’s more like deja vu or little stuff. Like I find a 20 dollar bill or someone says something to me that I remember in a dream…
    It’s only weird when it happen exactly as I dreamed it would.

  32. DH Core 1

    My book is called Witch and Wizard so far it’s about how a girl (named Wisty) and a boy (named Whit) get take in the middle of the night for being accused for being a which and wizard. Now they have found out they acunaluy are a which and wizard.
    My connection is a text to world- in my book the government is taking over a bunch of “crazy” people and they make a new law called the New Order. Everyone can’t decide if they like it or not but either way they must obey. Also many people here in this world don’t know if they like all the laws that the president is making. For example the new Health Care law.

  33. A.S. (Core 1)

    The book I’m currently reading is called The Replacement, And my connection is text-to-self. When Mackie talks too Alice, And Mackie goes into the whole ” I don’t do needles.” Because I don’t do needles either, I despise them very much.

  34. J.B. (Core 3)

    My book is called Maximum Ride
    Text to Self
    In my book, one of the kids get lost in the woods and and can not find her way back. That is when I remembered that i got lost in the woods once and could not find my way back. That makes me understand the book better because I bet she feels lonly in the woods. and i would be too.

  35. AwesomeViolinist(K.I) Core 1

    I’ve been reading Girl Overboard and I have a text to self connection. Syrah has a torn ACL and she can no longer snowboard, but snowboarding is her dream and her parents are restraining her from succeeding that dream. She is losing her best friend because of his girlfriend. My conection is that me and Syrah have both almost lost a friend because your no longer on their priority list, we have both been rejected because our friend has bettter things to do with their conpanion.

  36. dorian Core 3

    text to world follow your dreams micheal jordan did not make his basketball highshcool team but still made it to the NBA 8)

  37. O.G. (core 1)

    I am reading the book called Cirque Du Freak, The Lake Of Souls. In the book, Darren has a choice of going with Alice and Debbie to Vampire Mountain, or going with Harkat Mulds to found out who he really is. When they start leaving he finally realizes he wants to go with Harkat, Harkat is like a brother to him. The connection I made was Text-to-Self. If I was in Darren shoes I would do the same thing. I would rather help a friend.

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